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2018/19 Cornerstones Basketball Personal Box Break

$135.00 $125.00

This Product Is Scheduled To Release On 03/20/19

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 6 cards per pack.

- Look for the popular Rookie Cornerstones cards with four jersey swatches and an on-card autograph! Base #’d/199, Crystal #’d/75, Quartz #’d/49, Marble #’d/10 and Onyx #’d1/1!
- Chase the Franchise Pillars autograph cards in the following formats - Base #’d/129, Crystals #’d/49, Quartz #’d/25, Marble #’d/10 and Onyx #’d/1!
- Locate the elusive Memorabilia Super Prime containing hard-to-find game-worn jersey tags from the NBA’s top players all #’d/1!
- Find the highly sought-after Downtown insert cards, boasting great graphics from the players’ cities!

- Two Base or Parallels
- One PVC Insert
- Two Autographs
- One Memorabilia